Are you trying to transport heavy, over-dimensional or wide load equipment on a deadline? This not only requires specialty hauling equipment but also the know-how of an experienced team. Without proper knowledge, equipment can be damaged during the loading and unloading process or throughout the transport from location to location. At Inter-Rail Transport Ltd., we specialize in heavy haul transportation in Edmonton and throughout Western Canada. We are masters at moving what others can’t, from heavy duty equipment, large machinery, power-generating equipment and other over-sized or awkwardly-shaped items. Call us today to inquire about our services.

We’ll Defeat the Challenges of Your Heavy Haul Transportation in Edmonton

Hauling heavy equipment comes with its own unique set of challenges. It is not the same as hauling routine loads. Travel times are usually longer due to the heavy weight, special equipment is required as well as a whole mess of other logistical problems. Our team will take care of your heavy haul transportation in Edmonton from start to finish, taking on all of the challenges that come our way, some of which include:

  • Determining the appropriate sized trailer

Hauling heavy loads requires the use of a specially equipped trailer. Our team will determine the correct size based on the weight and dimensions of the load you’re transporting. For most heavy loads, multiple trailers are put together to create combination units and in some cases we will utilize a second power unit to push from behind the trailer.

  • Safely loading and unloading the cargo

Transporting the item from location to location is only half the work. Before transportation can begin, the item must first be placed safely onto the truck. Inter-Rail Transport’s fleet of trailers are engineered to help aid in the loading and unloading process utilizing things like live rolls and removable necks. In addition to this Inter-Rail Transport Ltd. has access to picker trucks that can safely help in the loading and unloading process if needed.

  • Required permits

Most heavy haul transportation jobs require a permit in order to be completed legally. The regulations vary from province to province, but our team has the expertise and knowledge to acquire the type of permit needed for any type of situation. We can also provide any other logistical information and expertise to help get the job done.

  • Required escort vehicles

Depending on the dimensions and weight of your item, you may be required to have escort vehicles when transporting your load. This is especially true for items that will prevent the truck from maintaining the minimum legal speeds. Once again, these regulations vary from province to province, but our team has experience in this area and can provide the information and help you need in procuring these escorts.

Do you have a heavy haul transportation job for us? Give us a call today to discuss your transport needs.