At Inter-Rail Transport, we respect the history, culture and environments of our Indigenous neighbors. We acknowledge that Indigenous people are the original inhabitants of this great land that we now share.

Inter-Rail Transport Ltd. has aligned our operating practices to reflect this appreciation we share for our Indigenous partners and will continue to pursue sustainable and meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Hiring Commitment

We strive to cooperate with all of the Indigenous communities and environments to seek out any employment or sub-contracting opportunities within Inter-Rail Transport. We have developed strategies that mutually support and benefit both Inter-Rail Transport and the Indigenous communities in which we operate and the industries that we serve.

Indigenous Business Relationships

Inter-Rail Transport has developed and maintained strong and ethical Indigenous business partnerships within the communities in which we operate. We are committed to working respectfully with Indigenous peoples and communities who have an interest in our business. We currently have working arrangements with a number of various local Indigenous communities and are always pursuing additional partnerships to further our already strong connection with the Indigenous communities.

Our Indigenous Partners

Yinka Dene Economic Development Limited Partnership

Yinka Dene Economic Development Limited Partnership (YLP) is the corporate business arm for the Wet’suwet’en First Nation (WFN). Under the authority of the YLP Board of Directors, YLP’s role is to manage all of the Nations for-profit business ventures and employment and training matters related to the economic development projects and other opportunities. This includes working closely with a variety of different business partners, business ventures, each with their own particular area of specialization.

Haisla Nation

The Haisla Nation is the band government of the Haisla people. Our mission is to build a powerful, prosperous and proud community, healthy in mind, body and spirit. We believe in building a strong and thriving community, with healthy and happy members and a sustained and prosperous environment. We are about 1700 people, with the majority living in Kitamaat Village. We have lived off the land and waters of our traditional territory for thousands of years, and it remains the focus of all we do.

Gitxsan Development Corporation

Award winning Gitxsan Development Corporation (GDC) is the economic vehicle through which the Gitxsan people will exercise their rights affirmed in the landmark Delgamuukw Supreme Court Judgment (1997) on their 33,000sq km traditional territory. It is the holding company for Gitxsan enterprise and is governed by a board of directors appointed by the Trustees of the Gitxsan Lipgyet Trust. The Directors manage GDC and oversee each of its operating subsidiaries.

GDC belongs to the Gitxsan people. GDC’s winning approach is unique to the business world, melding the traditional governance of the Gitxsan, to the contemporary needs of global businesses.

GDC focuses on improving the Gitxsan economy while following the community’s values.

We are always open and searching for additional partnership opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing a potential relationship with Inter-Rail Transport Ltd. please contact our Business Development Manager at our Head Office.